Acti B12 (hydroxocobalamin) 1000 mcg / 5000 mcg

Active B12 is an oil suspension with vitamin B12. The concentration of used vitamin B12 doesn't dependent on the water-solubility of this vitamin. Another importance - after intranasal administration, this formula shows much higher blood levels.

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What is vitamin B12 hydroxocobalamin?

Cobalamin is the other name of vitamin B12. It is a water-soluble vitamin which is responsible for the nervous system health and metabolism. It has an important function for many processes such as:

  • Red blood cells formation.
  • Brain function regulation: memory, concentration, study ability, mood, sleep, etc.
  • DNA and RNA synthesis.
  • Energy production.
  • Detoxication of homocysteine excess.
  • And many others

Hydroxocobalamin is a natural form of vitamin B12 which is contained in the meat. Once it enters the organism hydroxocobalamin is transformed into methylcobalamin through the process of methylation.

Hydroxocobalamin is extremely important for homocysteine transformation in methionine. 

Who suffers from vitamin B12 insufficiency? 

Vitamin B12 is synthesized from microorganisms and enzymes in the intestinal flora of all aminals and humans. It doesn't exist in the plant foods compound because plants don't need it and can't produce it.

The problem with the human organism is that today we live in stress which can cause many chronic diseases. Under the influence of daily stress, alcohol, cigarettes, inappropriate food consumption, chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and etc. each of us develops a certain deficit.

Vitamin B12 insufficiency is widespread in people who don't produce internal factor (intrinsic factor). This factor transports vitamin B12 to the intestines and is absorbed there. When there is an absence of the intrinsic factor in the stomach the body can't absorb vitamin B12 and develop a deficiency which can lead to anaemia. 

Another reason for the inability of the body to absorb vitamin B12 is gastrointestinal impairment. Such an example is Celiac disease - the inability of the body to process gluten. If that disease is not diagnosed in time, it can cause smoothing of the villi. Villi absorb the nutrients in the intestines. Even if vitamin B12 has reached the intestines, it can't be absorbed.

Other examples are Leaky gut syndrome, allergy type III, Chron's disease, irritable bowels and other gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal flora is very essential because it ensures absorption and synthesis of vitamin B12.  

Vitamin B12 insufficiency can occur in people who strictly avoid eating meat, dairy products and eggs. Inappropriate diet is prerequisite for creating profound deficits. 

If there is a doubt about vitamin B12 deficiency, contact specialist who will establish your deficits.

What makes Acti B12 hydroxocobalamin unique? 

In the first place, B12 is liquid which guarantees fast and optimal absorption. Up to 1 hour after applying intranasal drops, the organism is already supplied with the perfect dose vitamin B12. Unlike tablet form, the intranasal form doesn't contain excipients and doesn't harm the liver.

In the second place, the intranasal form is the best alternative of injections with hydroxocobalamin. With Acti B12 hydroxocobalamin you avoid medical needles and visits to your doctor.

In the third place, hydroxocobalamin is a safe alternative to the widespread synthetic form of cobalamin - cyanocobalamin. Hydroxocobalamin doesn't intoxicate the organism.

In the fourth place, hydroxocobalamin is 100% absorbed, unlike cyanocobalamin which is led out of the organism through the urinary tract.

Why choose Herbamedica dietary supplements? 

Because we don't make a compromise with raws and technologies which we use. That is why our clients trust us. Our production is described in one word only: QUALITY

Thank you for your choice! 

Order Acti B12 hydroxocobalamin and get your health back! 

Ingredients: Sesame oil, vitamin B12 (such as hydroxocobalamin HCL); thickener: aerosil, thyme oil.

Allergens: sesame oil.

Active ingredients in one daily dose (2 drops): Vitamin B12 (hydroxocobalamin as HCL) 1000 mcg

One pack is sufficient for a 2-month course of treatment.

After opening the bottle, use within 2 months.

Shake well before use!

Initial dose: 1 drop in each nostril in the morning for 2 weeks.

Maintenance dose: Twice a week one drop in each nostril. 

Keep in a cool dry place out of the reach of children.  In pregnancy and nursing take only after medical prescription. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for the varied diet.

Георги Матев 2022-04-20
Уникален продукт. Течната, назална форма има много бързо и ефективно усвояване.
Гергана Г. 2020-11-20
Ползвам продукта вече от близо година и съм много доволна. Винаги любезно отнношение при поръчка и бърза доставка. 6 точки сте!
Калина Т. 2019-10-24
Скъпа госпожо, имайте предвид, че цветът на витамин B12 е червеникав. Това са капки и няма как да се разкървави носа от тях. Моля да се информирате, преди да пишете!
Дияна Д. 2017-11-01
не съм сигурна
купих го за дете на 6.5 г, но при слагане винаги се разкървяваше носа и го спрях