Acti Humic Acid - 60 veggie capsules 350 mg

Acti Humic Acid is a nutritional supplement with membrane-active Humic acid. The substance is rich in antioxidants and is recommended as an immunostimulant, to detoxify the body of pesticides and other heavy metals and to regulate levels of oxidative stress.

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Acti Humic Acid is a nutritional supplement with membrane-active Humic acid. The substance is rich in antioxidants and is recommended as an immunostimulant, to detoxify the body of pesticides and other heavy metals and regulate levels of oxidative stress.

Humic acid is a substance that is released into the soil through its natural humification. It is a process that exists in the earth's layers for 80 million years. In this process, plant species begin to decay and saturate the soil with valuable substances. Humification is the cause of releasing a large number of valuable substances, as well as humic acid. It contains specific antioxidants and minerals that are extremely valuable to the human body.

Once it has been extracted from the soil, humic acid can be taken as a nutritional supplement in the form of capsules or powder. All benefits are deep researched and documented. 

First of all, humic acid acts as an immunostimulator. It is extremely effective and increases the defence of the body against viral infections of the respiratory system, cold and other airborne diseases.

It acts also as a detox agent for the human body - which leads heavy metals and pesticides out of the body. Medical researches show that it has the ability to attach to their molecules and break them down. Due to its detoxifying properties, humic acid significantly facilitates the activity of the liver and kidneys - the main body detox organs.

Last but not least, humic acid regulates oxidative stress levels. It is a typical condition for the modern urban person, in which the body has elevated levels of free radicals. These compounds are released at different metabolic functions and are considered waste materials. They have too many electrons that make them unstable and reactive. Free radicals look for other healthy cells to pass on their excess electrons and that way they create chain reactions to increase oxidative stress.

The last one is the main cause of ageing processes and all related symptoms:

  • Less energy and vitality 
  • Less energy and vitality;
  • Slower metabolism;
  • Poor immunity;
  • Joint problems - pain, stiffness, impaired mobility;
  • More wrinkles and poor skin elasticity;
  • Poor function of some internal organs.

 Regular intake of Acti Humic Acid improves all these conditions because of the high levels of antioxidants. These substances are extremely valuable - they have the ability to attach to the molecules of free radicals and/or pesticides and lead them fast out of the body.  

Membrane-active Humic acid is a form of substance with high bioavailability. It is easy to absorb. The regular intake of Acti Humic Acid is associated with: 

  • Increased strength of the immune system;
  • Higher levels of toxic metals and pesticides;
  • Decreased levels of oxidative stress;
  • More energy and vitality;
  • Improved function of liver and kidneys.

Origin: Bulgaria

Composition in a recommended daily intake 
in  2 capsules

Membrane active Humic acid

700 mg

Excipients: emulsifier: Magnesium stearate.

Allergens: does not contain gluten, eggs, soybeans, fishery and animal products.

Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach with plenty of water.

Daily doses: 30

Keep in a dry cool place out of the reach of children. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

Do not use as a substitute for the varied diet. 

Елена Колева 2021-11-27
Отличен продукт! Изключително доволна съм. Препоръчвам.
Валерия Давидкова 2021-05-10
Приемам го 2 години и си заслужава.
Тренирам силов трибой от 2017г. Доста травми и болки на ставите получих. Отделно помага при вирусни инфекции през зимата. Вече се стабилизирах благодарение на хуминовата киселина! ♥️ Значително много помогна на здравословното ми състояние. Препоръчвам го.
Elena Mineva 2020-11-20
Huminova kiselina
Mnogo dobur product osobeno za zimnite meseci. Otkrih go, dokato si bqh u doma po vreme na pokrai karantinata.