Acti K2 - 50 tablets

The combination of vitamins K2 and D3 is a specially developed formula of interdependent vitamins. Their complex presence allows proper absorption in the body and improves the health of bones, teeth, joints and skin.

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Acti K2 - description and purpose

Acti K2 is a double component nutritional supplement that favours the normal digestion of calcium. That mineral is vital for the human body and has a major role in the construction of the skeleton and the teeth. It is necessary for the integrity of cell membranes, blood clotting, enzymatic processes and many others. With age, in certain health conditions or diets, there is a decrease in the ability of the body to digest calcium. In such cases when it is necessary to take calcium additionally, it is important to take the other components which are involved in the cycle for the proper distribution and absorption in the body.

Absorption mechanism of calcium 

Once calcium enters the body, it starts the mechanism for its absorptions. In that mechanism, two components have key roles - vitamin К2 and vitamin D3. There are a number of factors that cause a lack of these vitamins. The fact is that modern lifestyle and poor nutrition not always provide a rich variety of essential elements and minerals.

It has been found that at our geographical location we get only 10% of the required amount of vitamin K2 through food. The protective sun exposure and the use of UV protective creams prevent the formation of vitamin D3. This is the reason we need a supplemental intake of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 to build a healthy bone structure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by the build-up of calcium on the blood vessel walls.

The function of Vitamin D3 

Among the other functions that vitamin D3 performs in the body (such as participation in processes responsible for the normal function of the muscles, the immune system, the teeth, and the process of cell division) vitamin D3 plays a key role in proper absorption of calcium from the bones. Vitamin D3 stimulates calcium absorption in the small intestine as well as increases calcium reabsorption through the kidneys.

The function of Vitamin K2 

Vitamin K2 ensures the normal state of the bones and the cardiovascular system. Vitamin K2 is responsible for proteins that ensure mineralization and bone density. 

Synergy in Acti K2

D3 intake increase protein production that leads calcium to bones - non-active osteocalcin. That protein is activated by vitamin K2 that carboxylating osteocalcin - that way it is activated and is able to transmit calcium in the blood vessels to bones. 

Another protein, which is also vitamin K2-dependent, is the matrix GLA-protein found in the walls of the blood vessels. Vitamin K2 also has an activating role in this protein, which leads calcium out of the blood vessel walls and soft tissues, and also prevents future calcium build-ups on the veins and arteries.

That is why, taking Acti K2, a double effect may occur: absorption of calcium from the bone as well as prevention of blood vessels from hardening (hence calcification), also alleviating the functioning of the heart and normalizing the condition of the cardiovascular system.

In addition to the synergistic interaction that has been achieved in the composition of Active K2, the high-quality building components guarantee digestibility and high bioavailability.

  • Vitamin K2 is in the form of VitaMK7, which is 0.25% menaquinone 7. This is a form of vitamin K, which more bioavailable than the vitamin K1 and short-chained menaquinone 4 commonly used in nutritional supplements;
  • Vitamin K2 is of natural origin. It is obtained from natto - fermented soybeans from the Bacillus subtilis var. Natto strain;
  • Vitamin D3 in Active K2 is in the form of high-quality cholecalciferol.
Both vitamins are in maximum amounts per daily dose in one tablet. The intake is reduced to one tablet per day.

Other benefits of the product:
  • Acti K2 improves calcium absorption from bone and improves bone density accordingly;
  • Acti K2 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by the build-up of calcium on the walls of the blood vessels;
  • Acti K2 keeps maintains the normal calcium concentration in the blood;
  • Acti K2 helps to heal broken bones;
  • Acti K2 acts favourably to muscle functions.

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One tablet of Acti K2 contains100 µg vitamin К2 (menaquinone 7), available in н40 mg VitaMK7®, and 10 µg (400 IU) vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol, 400 IU).

Excipients: mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Gross weight of 1 tablet: 134 mg

Recommended daily dose - 1 tablet. Higher doses should be taken after consultation with a physician.

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