Acti Resveratrol - 60 capsules 200 mg

Acti Resveratrol is a food supplement that supports health in a number of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems and regulates metabolic processes.

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Resveratrol is recommended as an additional dietary supplement in the latest version of the official protocol for the treatment of COVID-19

Resveratrol of plant origin belongs to phytoalexins. These are biologically active substances capable of supporting recovery processes and the body's defence against infections by pathogenic microorganisms and oxidative stress.

Among other things, resveratrol has:

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory activity;
  • Inhibits platelet aggregation (reduces the risk of thrombus formation);
  • It has a strong antiviral and antibacterial effect.

Acti Resveratrol is a food supplement that is recommended for a number of health conditions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves brain function and regulates metabolic processes. The active ingredient in the product is 100% natural resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic phytoalexin that is typical of the peel, skins and shells of some fruits and nuts. Its main function is safety. In the human body, it exhibits powerful antioxidant properties, reducing the levels of free radicals and protecting the body from the negative effects of oxidative stress.

Resveratrol is considered the secret of French cuisine. Large amounts of it are contained in the skins of the grapes, which makes the wine rich in this compound. Regular consumption of wine is the reason why cardiovascular problems are so rare in France, despite a fatty and heavy diet. Today we know that resveratrol takes care of more than heart health. Its regular intake is associated with a number of improved indicators:

  • Lowered blood sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity;
  • Lowered levels of bad cholesterol;
  • Improved carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Decreased liver enzymes;
  • Reduced tissue oxidation;
  • Improved ability of the body to detoxify;
  • Improved blood flow;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • All this is especially important for patients at high risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Resveratrol, as a powerful antioxidant, has one main function, which is to reduce free radical levels and prevent tissue oxidation. Free radicals are waste products that are released during certain metabolic processes. They are extremely reactive and often create chain reactions that harm the activity of some internal organs and systems. High levels of free radicals mean that the body has accumulated oxidative stress. It is the root cause of many modern diseases, low energy levels in some people and overall ageing processes. Taking Acti Resveratrol significantly lowers the levels of oxidative stress and thus helps the body to function optimally for a longer time.

Taking Acti Resveratrol leads to a lower risk of developing cardiovascular and brain diseases, a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, higher energy levels and better overall metabolism. It reduces inflammatory processes, which makes it a suitable supplement for people with autoimmune diseases.

Origin: outside the EU.

Ingredients in a recommended daily dose of:
1 caps.

Resveratrol 98%  / Polygonum cuspidatum /

200 mg

No excipients.
Allergens: does not contain soy, milk, or products of animal and fish origin.

Recommended dose for daily intake: 1 capsule per day.

Daily doses: 60

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Keep in a dry and cool place, inaccessible to small children.

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