Berry Elderberry 150 g

Berry Elderberry is a powdered extract derived from carefully selected fresh elderberries (Sambucus nigra). Only raw materials that follow EU crop quality standards are used for production. The process is followed from picking the fruit to packaging to get a quality and easily digestible end product. Concentrated elderberry powder contains a wide range of nutrients that take care of good health.

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150.00 gr
Product type
Antioxidants and anthocyanins

Antioxidants help us to care for the health of modern man. They take care to remove free radicals from the body and protect cells from their harmful effects. Free radicals are molecules with too many electrons that are mobile and reactive. When accumulated in the body, they trigger a chain reaction known as oxidative stress. This leads to faster ageing processes, damage on various tissues and organs, as well as slowing down many bodily functions. The optimal amounts of antioxidants give you high energy levels, slows down ageing and support the overall activity of the body.

Anthocyanins are the reason elderberries to be famous and powerful natural immunostimulants. They:

  • Relieve flu symptoms and help the body to recover;
  • Reduce the duration of colds and reduce the risk of recurrence;
  • Stimulate the immune response at the first symptoms of flu, colds and viral illness;
  • Inhibit respiratory bacteria, anaerobic pathogens and influenza strains.

Why choose Berry Elderberry

High-quality of the raw material

  • Only the best raw materials purchased from European manufacturers are selected for this product. The fruits are not treated with pesticides and do not contain GMO agriculture. They are not grown in a greenhouse and follow all EU agricultural quality standards.

Optimized process

To obtain the product, the company has developed a 9-step process that guarantees its optimal quality:

  • Weighing and establishing the quality of the raw material;
  • Grinding;
  • Extraction;
  • Pasteurization;
  • Standardization;
  • Filtering;
  • Mixing;
  • Drying;
  • Packing

Best extraction method

To make sure you really get the best in an easily digestible form, Asiros experts have developed a special extraction method known as BerryShield.

BerryShield technology extracts and protects a wide range of nutrients from fruits. It has been proven that other processing methods allow the preservation of only a part of their entire health profile. The extraction method keeps all nutrients in optimal bioavailability and makes Berry Elderberry the best product in its category on the market.

Nutrient protection significantly improves and stabilizes the taste, colour and bioavailability of the final product.

High levels of valuable nutrients

An average of 27 kg of raw material is used to produce 1 kg of Berry Elderberry. This ensures a high concentration of all valuable substances in the fruit.

How to use Berry Elderberry

Add the recommended daily dose in liquid (juice, smoothie, shake, muesli, yoghurt) and shake well. It can be added to breakfast and used in various pastries. It dissolves easily and has a superb taste for young and old.

Ingredients in the recommended daily dose of:

3 g

 Elderberry extract /Sambucus nigra/

2,75 g

Excipients: anti-caking agent: silica; stabilizer: starch; carrot extract.

Allergens: does not contain gluten, soy, products of animal and fish origin.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

GMO free.

Recommended daily dose: 3 g = 1 (one) measuring spoon 

Daily doses: 50

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.

Keep in a dry and cool place, out of reach of children.

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