Berry Strawberry 150 g

Berry Strawberry is a real strawberry extract with many health benefits, a wonderful taste and a proven origin. It comes in an easy to use powder form. Only the best fresh fruits produced in Europe are used for its production.

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Why should you add fruit extracts to your menu?

The fruits are rich in nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, to get them, we have to consume pounds of fresh plants. Fruit extracts allow the body to supply high levels of nutrients from a small amount of product. In addition, we are not able to consume delicious, properly grown seasonal fruits throughout the year. With Berry Strawberry, you donate to your body all the nutrients typical of strawberries without worries about the origin of the raw material and no matter the season

Berry Strawberry is produced only from high-quality fruits grown in the European Union according to all agricultural standards and norms.

Fruits are not:

  • GMO products;
  • treated with pesticides;
  • The fruits are not grown in a greenhouse
  • .

To be sure they give you only the best, the experts from the manufacturer have developed a 9-step process that guarantees quality. It includes:

  • Weighing and establishing the quality of the raw material;
  • Grinding;
  • Extraction;
  • Pasteurization;
  • Standardization;
  • Filtering;
  • Mixing;
  • Drying;
  • Packing 

The extraction is the most important of all steps. A patented extraction methodology known as BerryShield is used to make Berry Strawberry product.

BerryShield technology extracts and protects a wide range of nutrients in fruits. It has been proven that other processing methods allow the preservation of only a part of the whole healthy profile of the fruit. The extraction method keeps all nutrients in optimal bioavailability and makes Berry Strawberry the best product in its category on the market.

Nutrient protection significantly improves and stabilizes the taste, colour and bioavailability of the product.

25 kg of fresh strawberries is used to make 1kg Berry Strawberry product.

Here's what these fruits are recommended for:

  • Regulate blood sugar;
  • They take care of heart health;
  • Improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

Това се дължи на богатия набор от хранителни вещества, които се срещат в ягодите – антиоксиданти, витамин С, витамин 9, манган, калий и множество полифеноли, сред които:

Berry Strawberry is rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin 9, manganese, potassium and many polyphenols, as well as:

  • Pelargonidin - it colours fruits in beautiful bright red;
  • Ellagic acid;
  • Ellagitannins;
  • Procyanidins.

 Are you ready to enjoy all these health benefits?


It's easy with Berry Strawberry! Just add the recommended daily dose in tea, water, juice or other beverage. Berry Strawberry is a perfect addition to raw and baked desserts, yoghurt, protein shakes, muesli or smoothies. Its taste is wonderful and delicate.

Ingredients in a recommended daily dose:

3 g

Strawberry extract /Fragaria x ananassa/

2,75 g

Excipients: anti tacking agent: silicon dioxide, stabilizer: starch, carrot extract.

Allergens: gluten-free, soy-free, without animal and fish products, GMO-free.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 


Recommended daily dose: 3 g = 1 (one) measuring spoon 

Daily doses: 50

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Do not use as a substitute for the varied food.

Keep in a dry cool place out of the reach of children.

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