Detox Liquid - 500ml

Detox Liquid on the first hand improves the digestion, and on the other hand, leads the toxins out of the body with its diuretic properties. This product is a dietary supplement which has a gentle laxative effect and is a nutritional and energizing purifier.

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Detox Liquid is a double action formula - it purifies the organism from toxins and improves the digestive process. The nutritional supplement is a balanced combination of plant extracts for complete detoxication. 

Detox Liquid Ingredients: 

Silybum marianum L.

It is a herb which has no equivalent. It has unique properties and protects the liver. Silybum marianum is also a powerful detox plant - it purifies the liver from synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol and radiation. The herb decreases the internal inflammation and acts as an anti-oxidant which protects the cells from oxidation. So-called free radicals cause ageing but Silybum marianum helps everybody who wants to save their youthful look or to turn back the time.  

It is an important component for those who have liver problems and is a great way to reduce LDL cholesterol. 

Boldo Leaves 

Boldo is an evergreen plant which improves the liver, prostate, urinary tract. The plant has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a natural anti-oxidant. It protects the cells from degenerative processes and cleanses the body from toxins. Boldo leaves are used in cases of digest problems and are an effective way to lead the parasites out of the body.  

Aloe Vera Juice 

Aloe Vera juice is a great alkalising agent. It maintains the optimal pH which protects from diseases, hydrates the organism, cleans liver and kidneys, prevents and recovers constipation, purifies the skin, restores the gastric and intestinal mucosa. Aloe Vera juice also supplies the organism with vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, C, E, folic acid, calcium, copper, chromium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, manganese and zink.

Rheum palmatum, roots

Rheum palmatum roots have many benefits. One of them is: 

  • Decreasing the weight - speeds up your metabolism and improves the fat burning
  • Cleans the organism from toxins and protects the body from diseases - due to anti-oxidants.
  • Improves digestion and peristalsis.
  • Improves the blood circulation - due to copper and iron in his composition.

Artichoke leaf 

Artichoke leaf cleans the liver and stimulates the immune system. It improves bile juice secretion which function is to lead the toxins out of the body. That way it improves digestion and prevents the formation of gases. Artichoke leaf decreases bad cholesterol levels and maintains the good health of the gastrointestinal tract. 

American alder buckthorn bark 

It is considered as the most effective herb which cleanses the intestines. It is very often used in chronic constipation. The herb improves juice secretion of pancreas, stomach and liver, improves the digestive function and leads the toxins out of the body.

Root burdock

Root burdock is one of the most suitable herbs for gastrointestinal tract detoxication. It has anti-inflammatory properties and leads the pathogens out of the body. At the same time, it normalizes cholesterol and blood sugar levels. That way it protects from cardiovascular diseases and hormonal disbalance. 

Dandelion root

It stimulates the stomach and bile secretion, improves digestive processes and fat processing.  It also balances gastrointestinal flora and maintains good bacteria amounts in normal levels. The dandelion root purifies the liver and strengthens the kidney function.  Contains many antioxidants that detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, and suppress internal inflammations.

Echinacea root

Echinacea root is a natural painkiller. It cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and strengthens the intestinal mucosa. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and improves the health of the skin. The root of echinacea positively affects the mood and strengthens the concentration. 

Detox Liquid is a powerful formula which cleanses the body. Do you want to feel more vital, relaxed and healthier? Start with Detox Liquid. 

Why choose Herbamedica dietary supplements?

Herbamedica relies on its high-quality dietary supplements which are easily absorbed and have maximal benefits. We do not compromise on quality because we know that health is the most important thing in every person's life. We don't want to play with it. That is why we are working hard to develop formulas which enhance the health and make people happier. 

Be healthy with us! 

Buy Detox Liquid and clean all the systems in your body! 

Ingredients in a recommended daily intake: Of 35 ml
Peumus boldus Molina 780 mg
Aloe barbadensis Miller 510 mg
Rheum palmatum 480 mg
Silybum marianum L. 400 mg
Cynara scolymus 350 mg
Rhamnus purshiana D.C 330 mg
Arctium lappa 230 mg
Taraxacum officinale 230 mg
Echinacea purpurea 120 mg

Excipients: water, coagulant (pectin); acidifying agent (citric acid); mint flavour; preservatives: (potassium sorbate); sweetener (sucralose and steviol glycoside).

35 ml daily separated into 2 or 3 intakes daily, dissolved in a glass of water.  Use the product 30 minutes before the meal. Shake well before use. 

Do not use if you have Compositae allergy, Gilbert's syndrome, Crigler-Najjar syndrome, gallbladder inflammation, biliary tract, pancreatic cancer or liver cancer, hemolytic anaemia, Crohn's disease, colitis. The product is contraindicated for children under 12 years of age.

Warning: Do not use as a substitute for the varied diet.  In pregnancy and nursing take only after medical prescription.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep in a cool, dry place and keep out of the reach and sight of children!

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