Diabex - 100 tabs / 500 mg

DIabex is a natural herbal product that improves the condition of patients with diabetes.

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About type 2 diabetes 

Blood sugar control is импортант for any diabetes treatment plan. High blood sugar or hyperglycaemia is a major problem and can affect people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes, also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes, is a chronic disease that affects the way your body metabolizes sugar (glucose) - an essential source of energy for the body. 

In type 2 diabetes your body is opposed to the effects of insulin - your body- a hormone that regulates the sugar in your cells, or it does not produce enough insulin to maintain normal glucose levels.

It affects usually adults but can even affect children (because children's obesity increases). Type 2 diabetes has no treatment but you can manage that condition with a proper diet, good physical activity and a healthy weight. If diet and physical activity are not enough to control your blood sugar, you may also need diabetic treatment or insulin therapy.

This therapy may include supplements for diabetics that improve glucose levels. 

Diabex - description and purpose 

DIabex is a natural herbal product for diabetics that contains substances with hypoglycemic activity. It is recommended to normalize blood sugar levels in insulin-dependent diabetes (type 2 diabetes).

Its ingredients stimulate the secretion of insulin from the pancreas and that way they reduce the unpleasant symptoms that patients with high blood sugar experience. Such symptoms include fatigue, fatigue, thirst, itchy skin, dry mouth, and headache.

Diabetes can be taken concomitantly with an antidiabetic treatment that does not cause adverse drug interactions.

Prolonged Diabex intake combined with the proper diet shows a proven healing effect for diabetics. 

DIabex is a product for diabetics that can be successfully used for complex therapy of sugar diabetes and its tolerance is excellent. 

No side effects.

Available in pharmacies.


в 3 табл.

в 6 табл.

Nettles, leaves (Urtica dioica L.)

255 mg

510 mg

Black mulberry, leaves (Morus Nigra L.)

195 mg

390 mg

Bean pod (Phaseolus vulgaris)

150 mg

300 mg

Black blueberry, leaves (V. Vitis-idaea L.)

150 mg

300 mg

Lady's mantle, leaves (Alchemilla vulgaris L.)

120 mg

240 mg

Dandelion, roots (Tarraxacum officinale)

120 mg

240 mg

Excipients: coagulants: microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin; anti-tacking agent: talc, silicon dioxide; emulsifier: magnesium stearate.


3 - 6 tabs daily half an hour after the meal. 

Do not use as a substitute for the varied diet.

During pregnancy, nursing or higher doses, please, consult your doctor! 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

No known contraindications excepting individual intolerance to any of the substances.


Sugar diabetes treatment with Diabex 

Professor K. Pavlov DMSc

Endocrinology cabinet - Diagnostic consultative Center “St.George” 

Plovdiv Medicine University 

Diabetes is a serious disease that requires accurate diagnosis, proper treatment and strict control. There are a number of different treatments for diabetes but herbal remedies are less known.

Multi-year studies have shown that there are plants that decrease blood sugar levels and can be useful in diabetes treatment. A similar antidiabetic phyto agent has recently been launched in pharmacies network by the Irish company "Herba Medica" under the name Diabex.

Diabex has a herbal composition: nettles, leaves, 85 mg; Black mulberry, leaves, 65 mg; Black blueberry, leaves, 50 mg; Lady's mantle, leaves, 40 mg; Dandelion, roots, 40 mg; Bean pod, roots, 50 mg. These herbs grow in ecologically clean areas around mountain streams and wet meadows.

The extract of these plants contain the following substances: polypeptide glycogenins with hypoglycemic effect, flavonoids anticianine and quercetin from the black blueberry that prevents from apoptosis (death of cells) of brain and beta cells of pancreas, inulin, Choline, carotenoids and etc.

We from Diagnostic consultative Center “St.George” conducted a study to clarify the action Diabex in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Design of the study 

Twenty patients were selected - 13 women and 7 men (37 to 56 years) who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who were diagnosed with diabetes from 5 to 11 years. The patients were divided into two groups.

The first group has impaired carbohydrate tolerance - 8 patients left on a dietary regimen. A basic clinical trial was performed and after the laboratory tests, treatment with Diabex 4 tablets was given in two intakes. The blood glucose was triple-tested  - on an empty stomach and postprandial (occurring after the meal) - initially, on the 15th and on the 30th day of the course.

Fig. 1 - Blood sugar test


On empty stomach




7,9 mmol/l

8,2 mmol/l

On the 15th day

7,4 mmol/l

7,9 mmol/l

 < 0.04

On the 30th day

6,6 mmol/l

7,6 mmol/l

< 0,045

The data from fig.1 shows the following: The initial review shows impaired carbohydrate tolerance (HBT)1, expressed by increased blood sugar on an empty stomach and postprandial. In three of the patients, postprandial blood sugar was relatively high - 12.3-13.7 mmol / l, which explains the slightly elevated reference values of the oral glucose tolerance test. The second group suffers from diabetes for more than 8 years but the results the research has shown an unsatisfactory result. Diabex was included for an experimental therapeutic period of 30 days. Half month patients were taken 4 tabs daily but because of the unsatisfactory results after the 15th day, the dose was increased to 6 tabs daily.

The glycemic results are shown in Figure 2.


On empty stomach



Diabex 2+2

9,8 mmol/l

10,7 mmol/l

On the 15th day Diabex 3x2

8,7 mmol/l

9,6 mmol/l

< 0.03

On the 30th day Diabex 3x2

7,6 mmol/l

8,5 mmol/l

< 0,025

After the 15th day of the treatment with Diabex 2+2 glycemic control is unsatisfactory but in both sugar profiles, there is a reduction of glycemia by approximately 1 mmol. At an increased dosage of 6 tablets a day, at the end of the study, blood glucose, compared to initial data, decreased by more than 2 mmol/l. Due to the saved initial therapeutic antidiabetic regimen, the reduction in blood sugar by more than 2 mmol/l is the result of the therapeutic effect of Diabex. Better results can be expected with prolonged treatment. The herbal composition of Diabex is carefully and well-ordered. Its dose size is twice as large as that of the same herbs in other medications. The precise dosage increases the quality of the healing process. There were no known side effects.


1. Diabex is a combination of phytotherapy with herbs with hypoglycemic action.

2. The herbal extract contains glycogens with insulin-like action and flavonoid anti-cyanins that stimulate beta-cell secretion in the pancreas.

3. Independent treatment with Diabex is appropriate for patients with impaired carbohydrate tolerance and a mild form of type 2 diabetes.

4. It is appropriate to use Diabex as a supportive hypoglycemic agent in the complex therapy of type 2 diabetes.

5. No known side effects and intolerances.

6. Dosage: from 4 to 6 tabs daily for the same period as in the other antidiabetic agents.

7. Diabex is a success in phytotherapy of type 2 diabetes.

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