Gelatina - 80 caps. 330mg

Gelatina reduces joint inflammation, cleanses accumulated toxins in the joints and improves movement. Contains Shiitake mushroom that has a cleansing effect. Collagen hydrolysate is articular gelatine with animal origin.

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Gelatina - description and purpose 

Just like water is a vital component in nature, collagen protein, composed mainly from gelatin, is the most common protein in the mammalian structure.


About Shiitake 

Gelatina contains Chinese Shiitake mushroom that detoxifies the body. 

Collagen hydrolysate is articular gelatin with animal origin. 

Comparing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients in food, Shiitake mushrooms are really unique. They are rich in copper that forms about 65% of the recommended daily dose. On the second place is selenium (a patented acid) that ensures 52% and 51% of the recommended daily dose. Riboflavin, niacin, zinc, manganese and the antioxidant ergothioneine (that suppresses the oxidative stress) have essential functions.

Gelatine hydrolysates are considered as beneficial for joints. In the past, the German scientist Hildegard has offered the use of bovine-bone broth against joint pain. 

In Latin America, gelatin hydrolysates are the main agents that strengthen hair, nails and skin. 

In scientific literature, the beneficial effect of Gelatina (on hair and nails) is described over 40 years ago but very soon it is proved that it treats also arthritis disease. 

Sports and Orthopedic medicine specialists have always supported the use of gelatin hydrolysates to treat such diseases. 

Studies have shown a tendency to reduce pain after 8 week- treatment, improved mobility, and overall functional status.

Collagen hydrolysate for bone and joint diseases 

Hydrolysed gelatine products have been used for many years in pharmaceuticals and foods;  these products are considered as safe food by regulatory agencies. Clinical trials have shown that the intake of 10 g collagen hydrolysate daily reduces the pain (in cases of osteoarthritis in the knee or hip); hydroxyproline concentration in the blood increases.

Collagen hydrolysate is an interesting therapeutic tool that has a beneficial effect on osteoarthritis and osteoporosis treatment. 

Its safety levels make it suitable for long-term use in these chronic diseases.

Gelatin is recommended for all types of joint system disorders - arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, as well as in cases of overloading the joint system, overweight or age-related changes.

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in 4 capsules

in 5 capsules

in 6 capsules

Collagen hydrolyzate

600 mg

750 mg

900 mg

Shi Take mushroom - powder 

380 mg

475 mg

570 mg

Excipients: emulsifier: magnesium stearate 

Net weight: 26.24 g

4 - 6 caps daily half an hour after the meal. For optimal effect use the product for at least 3 months. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

Do not use as a substitute for the varied diet.

Keep in a cool dry place out of the reach of children. 

During pregnancy and nursing consult your doctor! 

Collagen and the biological value The collagen molecule is formed of a triple-helical chain. Collagen represents about 30% of the protein in the human body and has a specific amino acid structure. Its molecule is composed of 1000 glycine, 360 proline and 300 hydroxyproline that other proteins don’t contain. Actually, the human body synthesises the main amino acids such as glycine and proline. A great amount of them participates in collagen synthesis. For example, for the synthesis of 1 million collagen molecules (equal to 1 picogram or 0,01 nano m2) 1 billion glycine molecules and more than 620 million proline are needed. Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine are not contained in DNA; they are formed in peptide chains such as proline and lysine and are finally hydroxylated. Peroral use of gelatine hydrolysate is a valuable amino acid source for collagen structure. Physiology Greiling and Stuhlsatz (RWTH, Aachen 1998) from Heidelberg University have researched amino acid concentration in serum and gelatine oral use. The results were increased levels of collagen amino acids. Аs proof of the effect of gelatine hydrolysate oral intake research was conducted. The observed group were 52 students from the Sports University. During 4 months they were given 10 g gelatine hydrolysate daily. The results were beneficial effects on anthropometric parameters (body mass and weight) and locomotor muscles. There were no side effects. It is often proved that all proteins break down into their constitutive amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract before they are resorbed. Actually, even proteins rich in amino acids can pass through the intestinal wall. (Seifert 1976 - “Quantitative absorption of proteins” Radioactivity measurements in plasma and other tissues give information about collagen hydrolysate absorption and its degradation in the stomach. But this doesn’t prove that collagen hydrolysate passes through the intestinal wall to reach collagen found in tissues. There are many studies that have shown that collagen hydrolysate reaches skin, tendons and joints with unbroken antigenic factors. These specific results are not observed only in humans. Studies conducted with a young horse which was given collagen protein shown incredible results. Collagen protein improved knee cartilage and tendons in the limbs of the animal. As additional results were mentioned also thickened coat, increased body growth (up to 47%) and increased hoof growth (up to 37%) and increased levels of growth hormones. It has also been shown that it has an immunizing effect in patients suffering from rheumatism (Tentha et al., Sience 261, 1993). Gelatine hydrolysate - therapy and protection of degenerative joint diseases Chronic-degenerative joint diseases are common and require special attention. High standards of living, lack of physical activity, improper diet and etc. contribute to reducing the resistance of connective tissues. The results are degenerative diseases and increasing pain. Adam M., the scientist, has conducted a study that has shown the beneficial effect of gelatine hydrolysates. 52 patients who have suffered from degenerative arthritis of the hip and knee. In parallel, a test with a substance containing egg albumin was also performed. The treatment was rate through scale that had 13 different pain intensity. The use of analgesics and the degree of joint mobility were an additional subject of observation. The therapeutic results also indicate a significant reduction of analgesics. This study proves that treatment with gelatin hydrolysates may treat degenerative joint diseases and may lead to improvement. Another study conducted by Buker and Rosenfield (1996) was done with a group of 100 geriatric patients. The average age of the group was 62 years. Half of the group is prescribed 10 g gelatin hydrolyzate daily, and the other half placebo. The result was an obvious and increasing improvement in the functional state of (diffraction, extension, rotation) of the group that was given gelatine hydrolysate compared to the other group. Several older studies prove the beneficial effect of gelatine hydrolysate (such as Seeligmuller и Happel (1989, 1993), Beuker и Eck(1995)). Gelatine therapy in cases of joint diseases and their prevention has become the main part of medical studies in Germany. The results of the research of the FDA in Great Britain, USA and Germany with more than 400 patients who suffer from osteoarthritis will be published soon. The results in Germany confirm the data from all previous studies.

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