About us

Herbamedica was created in 1994 with the main mission we still follow: Taking care of our patients’ health delivering completely natural nutritional supplements. Over these 25 years, the company became one of the leaders in the production and distribution of natural nutritional supplements. 

The rich selection of more than 200 products helps our patients to treat the main organs and system disturbances, as well as a wide range of complaints and diseases. Supplements have been developed to improve the functions of various systems of the body - respiratory, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, nervous, musculoskeletal, excretory, sexual, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

The main thing in the creation of every single our product is the quality of the ingredients and their guaranteed origin. We always aim to maintain the highest quality of production: the use of natural raw materials by certified producers, systematic control at every stage of production and the implementation of the most modern methodologies for the treatment of natural ingredients in order to increase their efficiency. That is why our products, based on the variety of herbs, traditions in herbal medicine and love of nature, enjoy an ever-growing reputation among doctors, therapists and pharmacists.

At the heart of our mission is the holistic treatment - from the initial of the disease to its elimination. We believe that the secret to good health, fulfilling life and longevity depends on the individual treatment, rather than in the treatment of his illness.

Moreover, our online store, Herbamedica products can be found in the pharmacy all over the country. Our brand is also well known in international markets. Our nutritional supplements are distributed through partner companies in Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Lithuania and Slovenia.


Herbamedica is certified according to ISO 22000: 2006 - the international standard that integrates a food safety management system that guarantees and ensures the production of safe nutritional supplements.

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We created our blog more than 10 years ago. Here we regularly share our experience and knowledge in the field of alternative medicine, the human body, healthy food and lifestyle and many other topics that excite our clients. The information and tips we share are verified, trusted and scientifically based.

The first Herbamedica store

The clinic

In 1996 Herbamedica was created its own clinical network - De Tox Center that offers its patients all over the country modern alternative methods for diagnosis and therapy: iris diagnosis, phytotherapy, colon-hydrotherapy, non-smoking therapy, Neo control - pelvic muscle therapy, bio-resonance and chelation therapy, fecal diagnostics in partnership with the German chain of laboratories - Vitalan and many others. This enables us to be much closer to our customers, to know their status and to monitor the overall process of their recovery.

"Today, when we have too little time and too many conveniences, come things we should not make compromises with - our own and family health." Radoslav Toshkov - the owner of Herbamedica EOOD. Herbamedica is your partner in health care through completely pure natural means.