Delivery Terms

The products that have been ordered are delivered by courier to the address within 3 working days. 

The products are delivered properly packaged according to their type and transport.

When the courier delivers the products, the customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. A third party is every person who is not the holder of the application but who receives the order and is at the delivery address. 

In case the customer is not found within the delivery deadline or there are no access and conditions for the delivery, HERBAMEDICA Ltd. will be released from its obligation to deliver the order.

The consumer can confirm his wish to receive the order after the expiration of the delivery term, in which he was not found at the address, and he should pay delivery costs. In this case, from the moment of confirmation, a new delivery period begins.


The user pays the amount to the courier when the order is delivered, through bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Important: For orders from abroad, prepayments are paid through bank transfer/credit/debit card.

Delivery costs 

In Bulgaria

  • standard delivery to Ekont office: 5.00 BGN
  • Delivery to client address: 6.00 BGN
  • over 50.00 BGN: FREE DELIVERY 

In Europe

Delivery costs for European countries are without VAT of 20%!

The prices are in BGN: 1 BGN = 0.51 Euro

Important: The prices and conditions are valid for shipments with courier company Econt in Bulgaria. On delivery, you should check the content of the package if it is the same as in your order. In cases of damages occurred during the transport, please, establish that issue with the courier who will fulfil a damaged shipment protocol.