InflaZyme - 60 caps 500mg

Fibrin is a non-soluble protein that the body produces in a response of bleeding or inflammatory process. Fibrin has important functions in the body, including blood clotting and wound healing.

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What is fibrin? 

During the blood clotting process, a protein called fibrinogen converts to fibrin, which forms a layer of connective tissue on the inside of the damaged blood vessel. In that case, fibrin fibres tangle around the damaged vessel. This structure stiffens and forms a "patch" or a small clot to prevent further damage.

Despite its protective function, excessive amounts of fibrin can be harmful. High levels of circulating fibrin have the potential to accelerate the formation of connective tissue, to increase the formation of clots that hinder the normal blood flow. This may increase the blood viscosity and may cause swelling, oedema, pain, chronic inflammation and more severe fibrotic conditions or cardiovascular incidents.

According to the Scripps research institute,” it is usually assumed that fibrin resistance in the extracellular matrix (connective tissue) promotes fibrosis and that the degree of fibrosis is limited by proteases (protein-assimilation enzymes) that remove fibrin. Fibrotic diseases occur when the normal process is impaired and excess fibrous material accumulates in tissues."

Proteases in InflaZyme maintain normal fibrin levels, normal blood viscosity, normal blood circulation, and help maintain an adequate immune response when various inflammations occur.

InflaZyme - helps circulation and acts anti-inflammatory

InflaZyme contains an original formula Neprinol ®, that includes която включва SEBkinase ® (gastro-resistant serrapeptase and nattokinase). There are many imitations but AST Enzymes are the manufacturer of the original formula.

SEBkinase units two gastro-resistant fibrinolytic proteases: PerEnzyme SP®, (Serrapeptase) and NattoSEB® (nattokinase without vitamin K, a vitamin that promotes blood clotting). The complete set of proteolytic enzymes, amylases, lipase, CoQ10, herbs and minerals in InflaZyme improves the action of SEBkinase. The result is a complete systemic enzyme mixture designed to maintain normal healthy circulation.

InflaZyme maintains healthy levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) - and indicator for inflammation. Its levels show if there is a risk of inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.  

The production of the whole systemic enzyme mixture is certified according to ISO 9001: 2000 and in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs) provided by the use of a specially developed Bioactive Protein Peptide System (BPPS) for production.

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase: why are they important? 

Most of serrapeptase and nattokinase brands are not gastro-resistant which means once they enter the stomach, they lose their fibrinolytic activity and effectiveness. 

The resistance of our brand InflaZyme SEBkinase allows these sensitive enzymes to survive in the stomach acid and to reach the bloodstream where become highly active. Gastro-resistant enzyme forms will degrade after entering the alkaline environment of the intestines. If the enzyme formula you use is not gastro-resistance, you probably give your money in vain.

How are fibrinolytic active enzymes connected to the gastro-resistance? 

The enzyme activity, measured in fibrinolytic active enzyme units means nothing 



Derived from “natto”, a traditional Japanese food, made of fermented soybeans. ”Natto” is known from centuries with its healing properties, especially with its beneficial action on the cardiovascular system. To obtain natto, soybeans have to ferment with Bacillus natto (also called Bacillus subtilis Natto). During fermentation, Bacillus produces protease enzymes and the most important enzyme - nattokinase. Like other protease enzymes, nattokinase has powerful anti-inflammatory action and fibrinolytic activity.

The scientist Hiroyuki Sumi has discovered the active enzyme in “natto” and demonstrates its property to reduce blood clots in vascular. He called that enzyme “nattokinase” which means natto enzyme.

Serrapeptase PerEnzyme

Obtained from Serratia mercesans which were initially discovered in the intestines of silkworms. Bacteria produce an enzyme that allows silkworms to open its cocoon and to leave it after metamorphose. Nowadays Serratia mercesans are used for serrapeptase production through fermentation. Many scientific studies prove their powerful anti-inflammatory, proteolytic (dissolving proteins) and fibrinolytic (degradation of fibrin) properties. Studies have also shown that connective tissue formed during the inflammatory process is significantly reduced and that proteins produced by the inflammatory process are efficiently digested. 

Serrapeptase is a protease enzyme that has been used in Japan and Europe because of its anti-inflammatory action.


A proteolytic enzyme found in pineapple (Ananas comosus); known with its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. A perfect substitute for the animal-derived enzymes pepsin and trypsin and just like them have similar systemic activity and high digestive activity, but unlike animal-derived enzymes can act in a wide pH range.

Derived from papaya fruits papain (hydrolytic anti-lytic enzyme) has been used for centuries to treat digestive tract.
Breaks down fats into essential fatty acids that build up healthy tissues and cells.
Hydrolyses proteins such as casein, gelatinase, soybean, fish and other plant and animal proteins into smaller polypeptide chains and amino acids for better absorption.
Bioflavonoids; improves and tonify arteries and veins, has effective antioxidant properties to regulate free radical damage; helps the body respond to various types of inflammation.
Also known as Indian gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis), a natural efficient antioxidant and one of the richest sources of digestible Vitamin C. 
Coenzyme Q10
A basic enzyme and co-factor in metabolism. It is typical for the organism. It is produced and accumulated in the liver, kidneys and heart; essential enzyme for energy production and for the overall health of the cells.
A basic mineral, a co-factor that participates in more than 350 enzyme operations in the body, an important part of cardiovascular and nervous physiology. Magnesium is involved in the relaxation of the arteries and helps to reduce the blood pressure.

Composition in daily doses:

1 capsule




NattoSEB® (stomach acid resistant nattokinase)

80 mg

240 mg

480 mg

720 mg

Peptizyme SP (serrapeptase)

73 mg

219 mg

438 mg

657 mg


60 mg

180 mg

360 mg

540 mg


53.25 mg

159.75 mg

319.5 mg

479.25 mg


51.25 mg

153.75 mg

307.5 mg

461.25 mg


50.50 mg

151.5 mg

303 mg

454.5 mg


33 mg

99 mg

198 mg

297 mg


25 mg

75 mg

150 mg

225 mg

Coenzyme Q10

5 mg

15 mg

30 mg

45 mg


5 mg

15 mg

30 mg

45 mg

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose - Е 460

Net weight: 37.02 g

1 - 2 capsules three times daily. If within 3 days there is no effect, increase the dose as follows: 2-3 capsules three times daily. 

Use the product from 30 to 60 minutes before or 2 hours after the meal with 250 ml of water. 

The product is a nutritional supplement. Keep in a cool dry place out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for the varied diet.

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