Liquid For Fit 250ml

Liquid For Fit is a food supplement focused on long-term and healthy normal body mass. It contains two groups of ingredients with a different action.
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What is Liquid For Fit?

Liquid For Fit is a herbal formula with plant extracts, which help the body reduce weight. That nutritional supplement acts in two directions:

Has a diuretic and detox effect, and successfully removes toxins and excess fluids out of the body.

Reduces body fat without affecting muscle mass.

Liquid For Fit contains natural plant ingredients in a perfect combination and creates a long-term effect. The nutritional supplement is a part of the program “Weight management” - an overweight program of the clinic Detox centre. The program combines a variety of therapeutic methods, effective nutritional supplements, a well-balanced lifestyle and a proper diet. 

Why do we retain liquids?

The body contains approximately 70% water. It is an important component for the proper functioning of the whole system. However, water retention is never a good sign. There could be a variety of reasons. That process is mainly related to electrolyte imbalance.

Electrolytes are chemicals that regulate many processes such as pulse and muscle contractions. The biggest electrolytes in the body include calcium, magnesium, potassium,  sodium, phosphate and chloride. Breaking this electrolyte balance can cause a number of negative symptoms such as water retention.

The human body gets electrolytes through food, beverages and food supplements. The body loses them during sports activity, when we sweat or when we go to the toilet. That is why the lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and the presence of diseases cause electrolyte imbalance. 

Water retention can be due to internal inflammation that activates the immune system. This is a precautionary action for the body that helps him cope with this inflammation. Such a condition is a food allergy.

How does Liquid for fit help? 

Liquid for fit helps for the body's detoxication. Delayed metabolism disrupts the function of the major organs, which causes poor metabolism and weight gain. The combination of plant extracts in Liquid For fit ® safely purifies the body from toxins, removes fluid, and promotes more efficient fat burning.

Why should you choose Herbamedica? 

Because we make efforts in high-quality nutritional supplements which are natural and effective. Our mission is to improve overall health because we all know how important it is. We give health to our clients every single day due to well-balanced and extremely pure formulas. 

Make an order now and say “Bye” to the extra pounds! 

Diuretic and purifying ingredients: Water retention is one of the reasons for weight gain. The external symptoms are swelling of the legs and abdomen. Liquid For Fit helps to release the retained fluids and toxins without affecting the water balance in the body. In addition to the purifying effect, these ingredients improve liver function and blood circulation. Many professionals believe that every weight loss should include detoxication for natural weight reduction. The diuretic and purifying ingredients of Liquid For Fit are designed to help these processes.

To achieve high efficiency of the product, the ingredients in Liquid For Fit are carefully selected. Their properties are as follows:

  • Artichokes: diuresis, drainage
  • Field horsetail: drainage, remineralization
  • Boldo: diuresis, drainage
  • Corn silkа: drainage
  • Rosemary: diuresis, drainage
  • Vitis vinifera L. red: dewaxing, urinary antiseptic
  • Extract Coleus forskohlii

Water, Garcinia Сambogia fruit extract min. 50% hydroxy citric acid (HCA), Artichoke leaves  (Cynara scolymus L.) liquid extract (1:1), Equisetum arvense L., stems, Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus Molina), corn silk (Zea mays L.), Rosemary leaves (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) and Vitis vinifera L., leaves, Coleus forskohlii root extract (min. 10% forskolin), Chromium picolinate.

Excipients: acidity regulator (citric acid), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), colouring agent (caramel), sweetener (sucralose, stevioside).

Ingredients for fat reduction: Garcinia Сambogia is a well-known plant that is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. Studies show it is safe and has valuable properties. Its active compound is hydroxycitric acid which participates in the Krebs cycle and through a biochemical ways complicates the synthesis of fatty acids. That acid increases serotonin release in the brain which causes a lack of appetite. 

Coleus forskohlii is a part of the mint family. In its roots, it contains diterpenic alkaloid forskolin that stimulates lipolysis in the fat cells through adenylate cyclase activation and increased levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate.  

Chromium in that form helps the muscles to absorb more glucose from the blood. That way increases insulin efficiency to its optimal levels. That gives the opportunity more fat to be burned in the form of energy and prevents the conversion of glucose into fat. That way chromium picolinate decreases the excess fat and remains only the pure muscle mass. Chromium also reduces the feeling of hunger.


In maximum daily dose 15ml

In 250;ml

Garcinia Сambogia fruit extract(contains hydroxy citric acid - HCA)

560 mg

(280 mg)


(4667 mg)

Artichoke leaves liquid extract

0,3 ml

5 ml

Equisetum arvense stems, liquid extract

0,3 ml

5 ml

Boldo leaves liquid extract

0,3 ml

5 ml

Corn silk liquid extract

0,3 ml

5 ml

Rosemary leaves liquid extract

0,2 ml

3.33 ml

Vitis vinifera leaves, liquid extract

0,1 ml

1.7 ml

Coleus forskohlii extract (10 % forskolin) )

56 mg

(5.6 mg)

933 mg

(93.3 mg)


30 μg (75% NRV*)

500 μg

Dissolve 15 ml of the product in 1,5 l. and drink it during the day. It guarantees you will receive the minimum amount of water for the day (drinking water doesn’t cause water retention, cellulite formation and doesn’t reflect on kidney and liver function). You will also take the active substances in small doses throughout the whole day.

Duration of intake: until the ideal weight has been reached.

For optimal results combine with the product Forslean.

In cases of intolerance to any of the substances and in case of renal impairment or liver failure. Do not use during pregnancy and nursing. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Do not use as a substitute for the varied food! Keep in a dry, dark, cool place out of the reach of children!
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