Nordic Krill Oil Kids - 60 capsules

Nordic Krill Oil Kids benefits brain function (concentration, memory), cardiovascular system, lipid metabolism (helps to normalize cholesterol levels), liver, hormonal system (PMS, sex and stress hormones), joints and eye health. The omega 3 fatty acids contained in Nordic Krill Oil Kids have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The product is conducive to increased energy and stamina. It has a strong antioxidant effect.

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  • Omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids;
  • Vitamins A, D3 and E;
  • Flavonoids, etc.

Nordik Krill Oil Kids is recommended as a more effective means than fish oil for obtaining essential omega-3 fatty acids in childhood for two important reasons:

  • The fatty acids in krill oil are not associated with triglycerides, as in fish oil, but with phospholipids. They pass freely through cell membranes. This helps to transport the fatty acids to and through the blood much faster. This results in a much more complete absorption of these key nutritional components for health;
  • In addition, krill oil does not have the traditional taste and smell of fish oil. This makes it easier for children to ingest. It does not cause nausea and reflux and is better tolerated by children's bodies.

The wide range of valuable ingredients and their guaranteed complete absorption make Nordic Krill Oil Kids a wonderful natural remedy:

  • Supporting the nervous system, brain activity and cognitive function in adolescents;
  • Improve lipid metabolism to better regulate cholesterol levels;
  • Stimulate immunity and strengthen vision.

Nordic Krill Oil Kids has been shown to perform well and today krill oil is recommended as a more complete source of omega-3 fatty acids, and other valuable nutrients, than traditional fish oil. Nordik Krill Oil Kids is a high quality product produced using modern technology to preserve all the important nutritional components in krill oil.

Nordic Krill Oil Kids is produced by cold pressing krill harvested in ocean areas known for their purity. Krill includes various species of small crustaceans, which are among the most complete sources of essential fatty acids. These are particularly valuable in childhood and Nordic Krill Oil Kids is specially formulated to provide them. And in combination with other biologically active components that are key to adolescent health.

Nordic Krill Oil Kids oil is a valuable source of:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids - especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA);
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • A product to aid bone mineralization and improve bone strength;
  • Agent to eliminate free radicals and reduce oxidative stress;
  • Balancer of hormonal secretion.

Nordic Krill Oil Kids is a natural dietary supplement extracted from deep sea krill. Intake of this oil is associated with a number of health benefits - better nervous system function, higher immunity, less internal inflammation and much more.

Unlike fish oil, krill oil does not cause nausea and reflux. However, this is not its main advantage. This product contains high levels of two valuable omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Due to the structure of krill and the extraction method of the oil, these two substances are bound to phospholipids, which dramatically improves their absorption. Phospholipids are the basic building blocks of cell membranes and can easily cross them, thus aiding the absorption of EPA and DHA. In comparison, in fish oil the two acids are associated with triglycerides, which are significantly less bioavailable and difficult for the body to process.

The high absorption guarantees the absorption of all valuable substances from Nordic Krill Oil Kids, and they are not a few. In the composition of this natural product belong:

  • Оmega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA);
  • Оmega 6 and 9 fatty acids;
  • Vitamins A and E;
  • Flavonoids.

EPA and DHA are considered the most abundant and valuable of them all. 

EPA and DHA are probably the most discussed omega-3 fatty acids. They are popular among active exercisers and people who follow a healthy lifestyle, with their many versatile benefits.

First of all, these substances have the ability to reduce inflammatory processes in the body. Upon absorption, they undergo a number of enzymatic processes and are transformed into specialized mediators and anti-inflammatory eicosanoids. These compounds exert their effects in chronic and acute inflammation. EPA and DHA are particularly recommended for asthma and colitis. 

In addition, DHA is particularly important for nervous system health. This acid is abundant in the brain and retina of the eyes and serves as a precursor to neuroprotective metabolites and is extremely important for nervous system health.

The other substances in Nordic Krill Oil Kids also have well-established health benefits. They take care of skin health, boost immunity, reduce cholesterol levels and increase insulin sensitivity, thus lowering the risk of diabetes.

The intake of Nordic Krill Oil Kids is associated with the following positive effects:

  • Supports the function of the nervous, immune and cardiac systems;
  • Supports joint mobility
  • Supports sleep quality;
  • Has a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • Benefits memory and concentration;
  • Supports muscle activity and memory.

 What is krill and why choose Nordic Krill Oil Kids

Krill are small crustaceans that live in the deep ocean. Their shape resembles that of shrimp, but they are considerably smaller. They range in size between 1-6 centimetres. They are thought to represent the largest animal mass in the world, with 85 species and a total weight of approximately 600 million tonnes.

These crustaceans are the base of the entire food chain. They are a food source for whales, seals, penguins, albatrosses, and many other birds. Today, krill are also recognised as a powerful new source of marine omega-3 fatty acids, which offer a host of health benefits.

Krill oil is obtained by a cold extraction method that preserves all the valuable substances. After extraction, it is encapsulated in special Licaps fish gelatin capsules to protect against oxidation and ensure optimal absorption.

Nordic Krill Oil Kids is an all-natural product for intake by children up to 12 years of age. Its intake should be consulted with a physician to avoid adverse interactions, determine the necessary dosage and ensure the optimal effect on the child's health.

Recommended daily dose:

For children aged 3-8 years: 2 capsules per day. 

For children over 9 years: 3 capsules per day during the morning snack.

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